Kin Len (Appetizer & Snacks)

01. Kanom Krok (5 piece) (Vegetarian)$8
Sweet coconut rice cakes with scallions, buttercup squash
02. Khao Jee (Vegetarian)$5
Thai grilled sticky rice with egg
03. Fresh spring roll (2pc) (Vegetarian)$7
Steamed rice paper wrapped with iceberg lettuce, red cabbage, carrots, cucumber and cilantro, served with sweet chili sauce and chopped peanuts
04. Fried Vegetarian Roll (Vegetarian)$7
Crispy rolls filled with cabbage, carrots, celery, glass noodles, served with plum sauce
05. Edamame(Vegetarian), (Gluten-Free)$7
Steamed soybeans with sea salt
06. Crispy Tofu (Vegetarian), (Gluten-Free)$7
Deep-fried firm tofu served with peanut and cucumber dressing garnished with crispy shallots
07. Crispy Chive Cakes (Vegetarian)$7
Fried chive cakes, served with sweet soy sauce
08. Maine Crab Rangoon (5 pc)$8
Crispy wonton sheet filled with Maine crab meat, cream cheese, carrots, and scallion, served with plum sauce
09. Gyoza (6 pc)$8
Pan-fried dumplings filled with minced pork, onions, and scallions garnished with crispy garlic, and served with sweet soy sauce
10. Chicken Satay (4pc)$9
Grilled skewers served with cucumber salad, toasted bread, and peanut sauce
11. Fried Calamari$10
Garnished with cilantro, served with sweet chili sauce
12. Steamed Butterfly (6 pc)$7
Steamed Thai style dumplings filled with sweet turnips, minced chicken, and chopped peanuts, garnished with crispy garlic
13. Thai BBQ Beef Skewers (3 pc)$10
Grilled beef skewers with garlic butter, Sriracha sauce and garnished with cilantro