Lots of Eats Signature

01. Fried Bronzini Fillet$24
Pan seared Mediterranean sea bass Topped with crispy garlic sauce, on a bed of sautéed bok choy and broccolini served with jasmine rice .
02. Grilled Seafood$23
Grilled shrimp, scallop, squid and mussels, with side of sautéed vegetable, served with Thai seafood magic sauce and jasmine rice
03. Seafood Pad Pong Karee$23
Shrimp, scallop, Squid and Mussels stir- fried with curry powder, sweet chili sauce, egg, Chinese celery, baby carrots, onions and scallions served with jasmine rice
04. Honey Crispy Duck$23
Pan-seared half duck with honey sauce, served with broccolini, buttercup squash, snap peas and carrot, served with jasmine rice
05. Spicy Crispy Duck$23
Pan-seared half duck and smothered with roasted sweet chili sauce sautéed with broccolini, onions, bell peppers, oyster mushrooms, and basil leaves, served with jasmine rice
06. Crying Tiger$20
Grilled marinated sirloin steak, served with sticky rice, chili tamarind sauce, and romaine lettuce
07. Hot and grilled Steak$20
Grilled sirloin steak, smothered with brown sauce, sautéed garlic, chili, green beans, onion, bell peppers, baby carrots and basil leaves
08. Ginger caramelized Shrimp$18
Battered shrimp sautéed in Prik Pao sauce, palm sugar, ginger, scallions with steamed broccoli and bok choy, served with jasmine rice
09. Grilled Salmon Teriyaki (Grilled Chicken $14)$16
Brushed off with teriyaki sauce, Serve with grilled baby carrots, buttercup squash, snap peas and broccolini
10. Pad Pork Belly$14
Stir-fried crispy pork belly with bok choy, snap peas, and baby carrots in garlic and black soy bean sauce, served with jasmine rice
11. Khao Kha Moo$15
Slow-braised pork, hard-boiled egg, and bok choy in five spice sauce served over jasmine rice
12. Crispy Chicken cashew nut (Crispy or Grilled chicken)$14
Cashew nut, onions, bell pepper, pineapple, scallion sautéed in Prik Pao sauce, served jasmine rice
14. Mango Crispy chicken$15
Battered chicken sautéed with mango, snap peas, onions, and sweet chili sauce
15. Thai General Gao Chicken$14
Battered chicken with ginger sweet chili sauce and a side of steam broccoli and baby carrots